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As an aside, my son has par­tic­i­pated in 2 ultra expen­sive sum­mer pro­grams, one a res­i­dence pro­gram at an Ivy League uni­ver­sity, and frankly, only Ira’s tour required an 18 page info packet to be filled out before the camp, and only Ira’s tour had unprece­dented, excel­lent super­vi­sion and security.

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Gen­eral News — (7÷3÷09) Teens look­ing to do a lit­tle trav­el­ing to take in theme parks and roller coast­ers may want to check out the Thrill­Coaster Tours web­site.

The teen vaca­tion group is head­ing out to the Cal­i­for­nia parks in just a few days and will launch their “Get To The Point” and “Mid­States Tour” trips in August. They even post blog updates from some of their trips, such as the review of Manta at Sea­World Orlando.

This note seems inter­est­ing as well…to any fam­i­lies of out-​spoken kids that love roller coast­ers…

(6÷19÷09) The ABC TV show, Wife Swap, is cur­rently seek­ing to audi­tion Roller Coaster Enthu­si­ast fam­i­lies “WHO SHARE THE LOVE AND THRILL OF RID­ING ROLLER COAST­ERS AND THRILL RIDES AROUND THE COUN­TRY”. So if you’ve got spunky and out-​spoken kids, lots of opin­ions you like to talk about, and a fam­ily that is pefect for TV they want to hear from you. Of course it’s also worth noth­ing that all fam­i­lies cast to be on the show will receive $20,000 “for their time and com­mit­ment to the project.” That’s a lot of money folks… espe­cially under these try­ing times. To apply or get infor­ma­tion about the show Please con­tact:
Amanda Ger­shkowitz
Call: 6467477949