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Rough Beginning turns to Memorable Summer

At the beginning of the Summer of 2020, I thought that this summer was going to be completely terrible, because of the coronavirus pandemic. I personally thought that Thrill Coaster Tours would be canceled, or my parents would not let me go. But I was wrong, I had the most amazing trip with Thrill Coaster Tours, I made so many new friends and had the time of my life with my friends. As for how Thrill Coaster Tours handled the coronavirus situation, I think they handled it perfectly, they got an extra bus so everyone could stay their distance. And every time we got on the bus, they would take our temperature. When we were in the parks we had to wear our masks and stay at least 6 ft apart from other groups. Even when riding World-Class roller coasters we would wear our masks to stay extra safe! As for when we would eat food, we would only eat at outdoor seating and apart from other groups. And don't worry, we don’t eat fast food, we eat good, quality food. If you are reading this, and debating if your child should go on Thrill Coaster Tours or not, I think the right decision would be to let them go. They will make sure that you are having an amazing time while staying safe!