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Camper Blog

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, it was really hard to find time to blog on our action packed tour! (: Not to worry though, the blog has returned from its brief hiatus, and updates will be flowing as usual from now on. Our California excursion wrapped up about a week ago, after enjoying sightseeing in San Fran and Vegas, an amazing Blue Man Group concert, and so much more. The trip was fantastic and we are all looking forward to Get To The Point, starting tomorrow. 

As far as the TOURnament goes, while it has unfortunately found a home on the back burner, I can now finally pass along a big update, as the TOURnamet moves into the second round. Two weeks ago, Lightning Racer blew away Thunderhead, earning its place in the second round. This week featured a very close battle between steel giants Goliath and Griffon. Despite an early surge by its opponent, Goliath stayed upright and advanced by a narrow margin.

This week, the Get To The Point Tour will correspond with the opening of the second round of the TOURnament. Fan favorite Alpengeist, from Busch Gardens Europe, will face a tough test, battling it out with Top Thrill Dragster, arguably the worlds best stratacoaster. Please check out the rides' pages and bracket below to keep caught up on the exciting progression of the TOURnament, and check back soon for more updates.
Top Thrill