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I'm back from my journey into the hot and sticky heart of central Florida, Orlando. How was it, you ask? Let me tell you, I "rode the flying ray", and it did not disappoint. Manta is an absolutely gorgeous coaster, featuring the nicest landscaping and queue line design I have ever seen...hands down. From the close calls flying by rocks, the timed water jets that create an absolutely stunning effect, the tiled queue line, hidden almost entirely inside, and the many aquariums that surround almost your entire journey to the station, Manta is all about the details that add to the experience...

Though Manta has an amazing atmosphere, in the end, it is the actual ride that counts, and Manta certainly delivers on that front as well. Though not quite as thrilling, or intense as it's older brother Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Manta's pretzel loop still packs a huge punch, and the rest of the course is taken so smoothly, you can easily forget you are just riding a roller coaster, and not actually flying on the wings of  a manta ray. All the elements of Manta, the theme, the details, and of course, the ride itself, earned it my number 10 spot, not bad out of the 257 coasters I have ridden. 

Now featuring two stunning B&M marvels, Manta, of course,  and Kraken, a fantastic coaster that relieved Domintor of the title of my favorite floorless, SeaWorld Orlando is becoming harder and harder to dismiss in the Florida coaster scene. The park is just as, if not more beautiful than any other Busch Park, and is definitely worth a visit. Please check out and comment on some pictures I took of the two main attractions (other than Shamu)  of SeaWorld Orlando.