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 Although the 2009 ThrillCoaster Tours tours are over, the ThrillCoaster TOURnament is not. In fact, the excitement is just beginning. A classic battle was waged this week, with two of the world's greatest steel coasters facing off. In the end, X2 overcame Bizarro by just ONE vote, and will move on to face Alpengeist for a trip to the finals. This week will showcase two more great coasters of a different material, wood...

El Toro, America's tallest and fastest operating wooden coaster, will matchup with Lightning Racer, the one of very few dueling and racing wooden coasters in the world. Both coasters are fantastic and definitely fan favorites at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark, respectively. I am expecting another close poll this week, and whichever coaster survives will earn its place in the semi-finals, taking on either Cedar Point's Millennium Force, or Six Flags Over Georgia's Goliath. Make sure you check out the rides' pages to decide which great coaster to vote for, and the bracket to see all the matchups.