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A new ThrillCoaster Tours record was set as 36 campers from all over the country, including: California, Nevada and Ohio go to the Point.


Before reaching America's Roller Coast, we spent a long day on the bus filled with ice breaker activities, movies and fun, leading up to a right at Geauga Lake.


Thanks to an empty park, we got on every coaster. Many of us finished the night with the final ride on their favorite coaster in the park. The Big Dipper.

We then proved how much we loved rollercoasters by awaking up at 545am to drive out to Sandusky, Ohio. Early access to Cedar Point allowed us to get on the park's newest ride, Maverick, within the first hour or so.

Over the course of the next two days, we conquered the park, as we stayed from before opening to after closing.

We ended our visit by riding Millennium Force, a ride will worth the hour and a half plus wait.

The next day brought another long bus ride to bring us to a chocolate Lover's dream land - Hershey Park. Many of us started off with the famous Chocolate Tour, while other s went directly to the park, where we all enjoyed night rides and the lingering scent of chocolate. We had a fun filled day at the park and water park, and ended up buying most of the chocolate world store.

Once again we ended the tour at the Theo's where we said good bye to many campers and prepared to take off because California Here we Come!!!

--- Love, the Campers of Get To The Point Tour 2007