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Hey everyone, welcome back to the Campers Blog! There was a ton of stuff going on in the coaster world this week, with Six Flags opening three new coasters, including Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure. This coaster is an update of the fantastic Medusa coaster, adding several audio visual effects including flame throwers and an on-ride soundtrack... I will do an update focusing on this ride very soon as I was lucky enough to be apart of the Media Day festivities, and Ira Gordon(ThrillCoaster Tours President) was invited to be apart of a live news shoot for the ride. Thanks to a tip dropped by Mark Kane(Great Adventure Park President) during his speech at the Bizarro Media Day, my friend Jason was able to grab a video of the park doing a test run of it's brand-new fireworks show "Saturday Night Lights."

The show features multiple barges and launches more shells than any other fireworks show Six Flags has ever done before. So far the reviews are fantastic, and this looks like a great step in the right direction for the par
k. I have embedded the video of one of the more intricate portions below for your viewing pleasure. Once again thank you Jason for the video, and make sure you stay tuned for many more updates coming soon.