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Thanks to my trip, and following Manta update, there hasn't been a TOURnament update in the past two weeks, but the show has gone on. In last week's matchup, Millennium Force, a world famous giga coaster surprisingly destroyed Montu, winning with over 80% of votes. This week featured the closest matchup we have seen so far, with Alpengeist edging Nitro by only one vote. Alpengeist's advance sets up a fantastic matchup, where it will face off with Top Thrill Dragster. Now we turn to the most compelling first round matchup, X2 versus Maverick...

Both X2 and Maverick feature unique elements that make them both amazing rides. X2, formerly X, was the first 4th dimension coaster ever. This means that the seats ride on thier own rails, and spin independant to the movement of the train, making for an incredible, out-of-control experience. Maverick also pushes the envelope of coaster design. Featuring a LSM launched lift hill, an another launch from a rolling start in a pitch black tunnel, Maverick is no slouch on the thrill either. To make a good descision, make sure you check out both ride pages.

Also, check out the much updated bracket below.